MSI company located in Barcelona, Spain. Nowdays MSI managed to become one of the industry-leading companies in Europe in a sphere of production solutions on mechanical engineering market. This had been made possible due to the skills of our specialists who have more than 25-years experience in engeneering development.


           During the all period of our business route, we have created more than 300 of individual production solution, which helped our associates to optimize and refine the way of manufacturing. We experienced in technical projects of the highest level of complicacy. Each day we face with a new challenges, and cultivate our knowledge. It helps us  also to produce numbers of universal services which are convenient and fast way for different variants of typical manufacture.


            As our philosophical basis, we see our mission as to provide You the most efficient and qualitative options and decisions to improve and satisfy any type of Your production tasks and desires.

Presently, according to our practice, we are ready to assure in opportunity of work in any sphere of mechanical engineering and metal processing equipment.



            MSI sucsesfully works with a worldwide leaders of mechanical engineering machine production. We supply equipment from Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Spain, France, South Korea, Czech Republic and other countries.

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